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Newsletter #56 - Deep Pockets!

Published 4 months ago • 1 min read

Newsletter #56 - Deep Pockets!


I just finished a podcast about an ex-prisoner who did bank loan fraud, acquired millions, got caught, spend around ten years in prison, got released and had to start from nothing.

And he said he was miserable when he had the millions, and happy when he had nothing.

There are similar stories, the book Wild Swans describes a similar maximum happiness at the moment when they're most poor.

And yet, money seems to be the solution to many challenges.

Where we live depends in large part on how much money we make. I would be very fond of Switzerland or the Caribbean but both come with a price tag.

The price tag problem can be solved in multiple ways. The most promising way seems to be to build a product people want to pay for. Basically building a successful (online) business.

The alternative is to get a job in that specific high-cost country. Switzerland seems more achievable than the Caribbean.

But mainstream skills don't get hired in Switzerland.

So my idea is to combine both: become sufficiently experienced in some kind of machine learning ai, and either (1) launch something people want to buy or (2) use these skills to get a job in Switzerland's aviation industry.

Life in Phuket

I wrote a blogpost about life in Phuket.

In hindsight I tried to copy the format from someone else for whom it became a hugely popular article.

Copying formats isn't genuine. I don't think it's bad, if the format works for your story. But in this case, I don't think the format worked for my story.

I realised because this week I saw a similar article, with a clickbait title, but the story didn't make sense.

Then I realised I made a mistake.

Previous Week

Not much progress on my Places Where Remote Workers with Families Live. Kinda stuck, I should probably just finish it up and share it to the world.

Slight progress on my spouse's website. It looks better, and I'm working on voice recording in the background.

That's it, have a fantastic week!

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