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Newsletter #59 - Update!

Published about 2 months ago • 1 min read

Newsletter #59 - Update!

My local coffee bar has a promotion: 150 THB for coffee and cake.

As a child or student I would have tried to choose the most expensive cake, and the most expensive coffee.

As students, we even theorized that alcohol price labels should contain the amount of alcohol you would get per euro. So we could optimize for that.

I used to check the different European Amazon websites to find the cheapest price for a book. I could save 1-2 euros.

Somehow my dominant optimization model was optimizing for cost.

These days I realize I could also optimize for taste, or look. For gut feel basically.

I could also optimize by going to a cheaper coffee place, or to a coffee place with a better vibe. Or optimize for a place which is closer by so I spend less fuel.

Maybe I should optimize to what it does to my blood sugar and caffeine level, and how that will bring me through the rest of the day and night.

I do know that optimizing for small costs is worthless. I don't believe in that anymore.

Penny smart pound foolish is my maxim now.


My last newsletter was March 14.

One month and a half later a lot is still going on!

- the second baby keeps us busy

- I’m working on my own projects

- we might move to Europe

- if we don’t move to Europe we have to decide where we do move

- we holidayed with my brother in law, my parents holidayed with us in Phuket

- I cancelled my coworking subscription, but don't have an alternative yet

I'm also working on a couple of projects, an AIcoach, a project in which I try to use Facebook data to build my own AI logic, a local startup, ...


Posting on LinkedIn twice per week is more challenging than I thought.

It creates a significant amount of pressure to show something new every time.

My marketing strategy is to try to get (AI) freelance projects through LinkedIn, but for that I have to establish a brand

To establish a brand I have to post regularly (among other things).

And to post regularly I need to show regular updates!

So I need to build faster, and faster, and faster!

Have a great remainder of the week!

Hi! I'm Joris

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