Newsletter #53 - Triathlon

published17 days ago
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Newsletter #53 - Triathlon

I did my first triathlon last weekend.

There is something about doing sporting events in your home town. I guess the presence of many like minded people creates a (short-lasting) feeling of community. Instead of Phuket belonging to the party and beach tourists, for one day, it belongs to the people who want to outperform themselves.

They say there is a strong home advantage in teamsports, it's kinda the same feeling here. I felt kinda proud about they're managing to pull off. It's a massive event, which a perfect organisation.

I know I've had similar feelings when doing a kayak competition in my hometown somewhere around 25 years ago.

Secondly, there is something about pushing your limits, I was very sick yesterday evening, but I guess that's part of what makes it enjoyable.

It's like hitting a reset button. Everything else doesn't matter, what matters is surviving.

It's not a great parallel, but I've had similar experiences when having a massive hangover. Nothing matters, just surviving the next hour.

It kinda gives a singular focus.

White-water kayaking gives the same vibe. There's no time to think about the todo list, only about the next rapid.

It's also a kind of immersion, I've had similar experiences when I did full day activities, like cycling in Tokyo, full-day skiing, kitesurfing, ... When I'm out and about from the early morning until the late evening, it has something immersive, it refreshes the brain.

I guess it relates to this image:

Anyway, I did it, it was hot, it was a lot of suffering in the run, I probably got a sunstroke or something because the run was in full sun between 10am and 11:15am, which is almost full zenith, and I didn't think about bringing a hat.

I might do it again, though preferably in lower temperatures, I learned since a while that my body isn't made for 25+ degrees endurance sports.

It's Monday now, and my brain slowly starts to get back to the every day life.

Finally, the great thing about Thailand is that you can wash the stiffness away with a Thai massage!

Have a great week ahead!

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