Newsletter #52 - Marketing and Lifestyle, and my last email for now?

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Newsletter #52 - Marketing and Lifestyle, and my last email for now?

I like it when people make every day products fun.

The Dollar Shave Club made shaving fun, Liquid Death made water fun, Richard Branson made music and flying fun, Authentic Weather made a weather app fun, Sam Parr made hotdogs fun, Toggle tried to make the todo list app fun...

I want to take an every day product, and make it fun, make it part of people's lifestyle.

Most of these tend to be physical products, rather than digital products, but for now, a newsletter is a good option.

Hence I started a daily newsletter experiment in which I wrap up the daily indiehacker news from Twitter, Hacker News, Reddit, Product Hunt, Indiehackers and other platforms.

Slightly inspired by Money Stuff from Matt Levine, who basically sells entertainment packaged as finance news.

I might keep this newsletter (the one you're reading right now) on hold in the meantime. Two newsletters might be too much...

Is the bridge open?

I asked the Dutch ministry which manages roads and canals if I can get access to their data stream when the bridges are open.

Unfortunately because I'm not a professional organisastion, I cannot.

I'll have to figure out another way to track if the bridge in front of my parents in law's house is open.

Where is a good place to live as an expat with children

I asked this question on Hacker News recently, but it got misinterpreted.

I'm making a map now of places which seem to have high potential.

Kinda the Nomadlist for people with children.

I don't know what to do with it next. It doesn't look nice, it's difficult to provide interesting information.

Getting people who live their to participate would be best.


The barista at the co-working stopped pursuing her bachelor in management. She is going to do Tiktok instead.

While this doesn't sound like much of a plan, I think this is an indication for the changes which are coming.

Rather than training more managers, the internet allows us to go back to a form of craftmanship, people who can do stuff and sell it to the world, people who can design, who can write, who can code, who can sell, who can market themselves, who can create advertising, people who can build a community, ... rather than people who sit in an office managing other people.


I'm doing the Phuket Triathlon this Sunday. It will be my first triathlon, it's slightly more than an Olympic triathlon (which is a quarter triathlon).

Cut-off times are pretty sharp, so it will be mostly a battle to keep the pace up.

Suit and Diets

Working remotely allows me to be casual every day, so casual that I don't use my suits anymore, so I put one on in Phuket yesterday.

It doesn't quite fit in!

Not all suits fit anymore! So I committed to watch my food again and do more consistent workouts!

That's it, have a happy weekend!

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