Newsletter #44 - Mental Block!

published4 months ago
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Newsletter #44 - Mental Block!

Do you know this feeling when you're too fixated on something, it's difficult to progress and decide next steps?

I'm in a mental block with Air Travel Tech Jobs. It isn't finished at all. But nevertheless, it's difficult to make progress.

One part of me says to push through, deliver it, ship it, force myself to keep up the pace.

The bias to action personality, or the getting things done personality.

The other part of me - the thoughtful personality or emotional personality - tells me to take a step back, give it some time, let it ripen. Then look with a set of fresh eyes.

For now, I'm choosing neither way, I'll write to unblock myself:


Air Travel Tech Jobs is a job board.

Most of my of my hobby projects are related to air travel.

Be it RandomAirport, FlightsForFlaneurs, and a new one I have in the pipeline but nothing online yet.

Next year I may need to look for new freelance work.

A potential paths is finding freelance work in the air travel industry.

Hence I started collecting interesting companies.

Hence I figured this might be useful as a project.

Hence Air Travel Tech Jobs was born.

Fast forward to today:

I liked the technology part, I liked the coding part (as always)...

...though I'm not actively looking for freelance jobs yet.

So the content is stale, which is probably the most important part. And with stale content, the site looks boring.

So why is the content stale?

Because it's too early to look for freelance jobs for next year...

And because looking for nice companies and nice jobs is hard (if it was easy, my site wouldn't be useful).

And thus I'll have to force myself to do these hard parts. Even if I don't have a personal interest in them right now.


2 Weeks later

It took me two weeks to finish this newsletter.

To reflect on why I was doing this, what my vision was, and where I wanted to bring Air Travel Tech Jobs.

The original newsletter was trice as long, I discarded most of it, as it was dull.

I wrote that I'm doing this for fun, that it's a long term project, that I want to build a platform where people can get to know cool air travel companies, and find cool air travel jobs.

A whole lot of fuzzy vision and ideas.

But now, time caught up on me.

I now have 10 days left to deliver, if I want to finish Air Travel Tech Jobs in August.

So I'll just have to push through :) !

I guess the bias to action personality, or the getting things done personality wins!

The lesson: if I procrastinate, time makes the choices for me!

Have a great week!

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