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Newsletter #17 - From a new platform!

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Newsletter #17 - From a new platform!

Note: First newsletter from Convertkit platform 🍾 as Revue is shutting down.

I read a question in 2020 asking what you would write to your younger self in 3 words.

The answer: Take More Risk!

I've put it on my Goals list every year, but this year I decided to explore these generic 3 words a little more.

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November 11th 2020

Why would you take "Take More Risk"?

My ideal 70 year old self has some expectations from me, for which I need to grow in different directions:

  • Don't depend on the government for retirement
  • Be fit and healthy and mentally at ease
  • Be surrounded with great people

Other than my 70 year old, on a shorter term horizon, doing new things provides adrenaline and energy, it makes you feel alive! The first time I went skydiving or took an ice-bath, the adrenaline rushed throughout me for the remainder of the day.

I identified 3 fields within which you can take more risks which help you grow.

Going Socially Out Of Comfort

Knowing more people and more connections often means more opportunity. It means you could create more of your own luck.

There is virtually no downside to it.

Here are a couple of examples of taking social risk:

  • Talking to people around you
  • Building a brand through social media, newsletter, personal website, ...
  • Swapping your environment (city, country, continent, company, ...)
  • Throwing a party
  • Doing sales calls
  • ...

Going Physically Out Of Comfort

You don't need to go out of comfort to become fit and healthy, but it does make you grow stronger mentally.

First, one of the biggest benefits it that it teaches how to deal with fear. For example when you do skydiving.

Second, mind and body are intertwined. By taking physical challenges you train your mind.

When you sit in an ice-bath it's your body which gives signals, but it's your mind which has to keep it from acting.

To train for a marathon, you need to build structure, discipline, persistence, a healthier lifestyle, ...

By fasting, you learn about your eating patterns.

By doing a handstand, you overcome fear.

In my opinion, there is little downside to exploring the limits of your body:

  • Taking an ice-bath
  • Running a marathon
  • Not eating for 24 hours, for 48 hours, ...
  • Not sleeping
  • Learning to handstand
  • Stopping coffee or alcohol for a month
  • ...

Going Financially Out Of Comfort

This is the only one with a sense of urgency!

When you're young, you don't need much. I could have lived in the back of my trunk, or at my parents place, while going all-in on building a business.

At 35, with a spouse and a child, there are a little more stakeholders to take care off.

Nevertheless, at 35 I can take controlled bets to build a business and reach FIRE. What would my 45 year old self say about the types of bets I should take now?


That brings us to 2023, what can I do in 2023 to go out of comfort?

  • Financial: Outsource development of 6 viable ideas while focusing on marketing only
  • Physical: One Meal A Day to 64 kgs, do a front-handspring, try Cryo, tropical marathon, night in the jungle
  • Social: Throw a massive party, and move to a new continent

With that, I wish you a good week, and a good year ahead!

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