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Newsletter #39 - The Remote Life Plan!

Published 10 months ago • 2 min read

Newsletter #39 - The Remote Life Plan!

16 years ago I laughed when a friend explained her detailed plan for the rest of her life: partner, career, children, the house they would live, …

In my opinion, planning your life was weird. How could you plan your life with so many unknown variables?

How the tides can turn.

Here’s my plan.

Earning Money, Location Independent

Earning location independent

That’s the goal.

Earning location independent up to a net worth of 2 million euros.

Which should allow us to have a comfortable life for the rest of our lives.

A House

Buy a house which serves as a ‘base camp’.

A home base to live between 2 and 4 months each year, typically the summer months.

Deciding the location is difficult.

For now: the Netherlands

Close to friends and family.

Preferably something with a unique twist to it: an old farm, a windmill, a castle ($$$). Something unique but with not too much maintenance (hence no boat).

Or something which invites towards action: skiing, kitesurfing, white water kayaking, sailing, horseback riding, motorcycling, …

Hence why Scandinavia or Switzerland appeal as well:

They are outdoor heavens!

Children & Nannies

Live in a country with nannies until the children go to school.

A nanny is the highest form of luxury I can imagine with children.

Living in a warm country is nice as well. Living close to the beach the best. Children don't need much more than a pool or the sea.

The necessity to live in a country with affordable nannies becomes less when children go to school.

I think an au-pere to help in the evening hours will be a good alternative if we would want additional hands.

Children and Schools

I work remote.

I believe I cannot require my children to sit 8 hours in a classroom, when I refuse to sit 8 hours in an office.

The biggest value I see in schooling is the social aspect, not the teaching (my spouse will probably disagree).

But for the social aspect, they don’t need 8 hours per day.

I rather have them in school 4 hours per day, and doing cultural or sports activities in the afternoon.

And when in school, I rather have them working on projects individually or in small groups, rather than sitting and listening.

Until I found something which suits this model, international schools are probably the next best thing.

For their diversity, for their progressive education, for their bigger budgets compared to public schools.

Where to live

A while back, I thought it would be best if our children would grow up in a safe environment: Scandinavia, Switzerland, the Netherlands.

Then we realised it would be monotoneous.

I rather have them grow up in multiple, more diverse environments. It creates more unique experiences.

Something like 4 years in South America, 4 years in Africa, 4 years somewhere else (maybe Asia again?).

With long summers in the home base.

Doing 3 stints or 4 years.

Then the firstborn is 12 years old.

And it’s probably time to settle down.

It’s too early to plan that now.

Earning location independent allows to dream big…

…So that’s what we’re aiming for!

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