Newsletter #18 - Sixpack-Story Manifesto

published11 months ago
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Newsletter #18 - Sixpack-Story Manifesto

Overweight is the disease of today. Cardiovascular issues the resulting problem.

A healthy lifestyle the challenge of the future.

It seems very few people are able to tackle health problems, especially weight loss, themselves.

I personally suffer from a high cholesterol and find it challenging to get it down based on diet only.

We are bombarded with fatty, salty, sugary foods and caffeinated, alcoholic drinks in advertising, supermarkets, restaurants, social events, work, ...

Discipline and good intentions alone don’t seem work. And the world is continuously trying to get you off the right path.

Habits and routines provide a solution.

Being supported by people who have the same goals as you could be a game changer.

That’s why I want to launch Sixpack-story, a community for founders, freelancers and techies working on their health.

While the sixpack is the signpost, the community goals could represent much more: the ability to do a handstand, elbow lever or a backflip. Running a marathon, or going for the Iron Man.

What kind of solutions should this community offer:

  • An unlimited source of inspiring stories, delivered weekly in your inbox
  • A (paid) community platform for people wanting to achieve a healthy lifestyle, inspiring each other for results
  • A network of health coaches, with a similar background, in a similar situation (with children or not, freelancer, founder or full-time employee, young, less young or even less young 😉)

Sixpacks are typically associated with fitness gurus and bodybuilders.

They should be an achievable goal for entrepreneurs, freelancers and developers

And everyone else by extension, but let's not try to boil the ocean!

I’ll start upon sending this email, and I’ll give myself 31 days to see if we get any traction. As a first quality gate.

Wish me luck!

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