Newsletter #48 - Rushing to ship!

published2 months ago
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Newsletter #48 - Rushing to ship!

It’s Sunday evening. I still have to finish my weekly newsletter. I couldn’t find priority for it this week.

I have to remind myself I’m doing it for myself. Hence I’m doing a Sunday braindump and sending it. Yolo.

I’m trying to ship something every month. Next week is the last week of September, and hence I have to ship something. It takes quite some time so I have to deprioritize other stuff (eg this newsletter, but also the moments in which I just sit back and relax). But I think I can make it. Next update in next newsletter.

End of august I launched air travel tech jobs, which went by completely unnoticed.

But that doesn’t matter, the idea is to ship. To create artificial deadlines. I must say it works!

Using chatgpt works massively as well, I’m pumping out code at rates way higher than before. And less frustration!

Nevertheless I should probably partly outsource my next project, just for the sake of trying it. Outsourcing is a different but no less useful skill

I also still want to do an ai project, but this will take more than 1 month.

In other news, we’ve met up with friends from Bangkok who’re also considering moving to Phuket.

It’s nice to hear other people confirm our choice of Phuket as a good place to live.

Nevertheless, I don’t believe this is the end station, my best guess for highest quality of life is still Switzerland… Or more or a digital nomad style.

Both of which require 💰💰

That’s it, quick Sunday braindump! Thanks for reading and have a great week ahead!

Ps I’m also reading Elon Musk’s new biography by Walter Isaacson. Kindle is fun but somehow leaves no visual memories of the books I read, which is a petty because I’m a mostly visual thinker.

Pss here’s a pic of our cat I took. I wanted to turn it into a tiger using ai but couldn’t yet.

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