Newsletter #45 - Happy Birthday Newsletter!

published3 months ago
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Newsletter #45 - Happy Birthday Newsletter!

Happy first anniversary, weekly newsletter!

Last year this week I sent out my first newsletter. This is edition 45. I missed it during holidays and 1 or 2 busy week. But I have done it almost every week I spent behind my laptop, and hence, I consider this goal to be fulfilled successfully.

Moreover, I will continue it!

I'll take this opportunity to remind myself again why I'm writing a weekly newsletter:

  • As a public diary, to look back on my journey many years from now, and see how I got here. (link)
  • Because I like writing and want to get better in it, so I have to force myself to do it
  • Because "writing about something, even something you know well, usually shows you that you didn't know it as well as you thought". Paul Graham
  • Because it builds a shipping habit, it builds momentum. I'm shipping at least one thing per week
  • To be a sender. I want to use social media to be a sender, not a consumer. I'm quite ok on Twitter, I'm failing miserably on Instagram these days, so maybe I should delete the app altogether?
  • ...

When I was 10 years old, I used to read a dutch gaming magazine. After a holiday I got inspired to write an article and it got published in the mailings from readers section.

Somehow I got reminded by that this week. It’s a new motivation to keep writing.

Launching Air Travel Tech Jobs

In line with what I wrote above, next to shipping a newsletter every week, I want to ship some kind of product every month.

This is a lofty challenge with a full-time job and a baby to take care off.

But at least for this month I seem to be on track.

This week I want to push Air Travel Tech Jobs into the world.

I don't expect a big splash.

Nevertheless launching always creates a certain excitement. It energises.

My plan is to launch on Product Hunt, maybe Hacker News, and if I find other suitable platforms, there as well.


Two weeks ago I wrote:

I idolise visionaries like Elon Musk, or Steve Jobs, or Richard Branson. They are the ones with the vision, but not necessarily the ones executing the minutious details.
If I want to launch more projects, write more newsletters, ... Maybe it's time to get help?

I started reading Losing My Virginity from Richard Branson again. Branson always mentions one of his core strengths is finding amazing people to pull into his ventures.

And I listened to How to Win Friends and Influence People. Written in 1936, the author also realised that the key to success is getting amazing people around you.

I've met some amazing people in my life.

Engaging with them in a business venture is a totally different ballgame.

I just moved to Phuket. This is a good moment to find people to cooperate with for next few years.

There are probably loads of better places in the world to encounter talented people.

But like with finding a partner or a job, you only need one.

Nevertheless, that means I would need to increase my surface area.

Go work in co-workings, go to events where talented people are, talk to people in general. Maybe organise a meetup myself?

It would also help me find broader ideas than just air travel apps :)

But first, I have to prove I'm capable of building something myself. Success attracts people. So I'm continuing on that path first.

With that thought, I'm signing off for this week.

Have a great week ahead!

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